Texas and Louisiana Roadtrip- long roads and local heroes + Lousiana swamp

In New Orleans I met English documentary theatre maker Mimi Poskett who was in the region doing research for a project about the BP oil spill. She was heading off on a roadtrip through Louisiana and Texas to interview people affected by the spill. So I jumped in for the ride.
It was a truly enlightening and inspiring experience to hear people, from all walks of life, share their stories of lives lived in the face of relentless natural and man-made disasters.

Following are photos taken on the roadtrip, including folks we met and interviewed.

This is Keith, a lawyer from Baton Rouge whose son, Gordon, was killed in the BP oil rig explosion.

This is Clint. A Texan oil man, geo-scientist and one of the pioneers of the deep sea drilling process.
Cap’n Houston, Texas
Me, Matt, Mimi abd Beth- The I ♥ Houston posse































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